Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Fall in groundwater level causes water crisis in Khulna

Fall in the groundwater level as well as frequent power outages have triggered an acute water crisis in the Khulna city, causing sufferings to the city dwellers. According to managing director of Khulna WASA Md Abdullah, about 15 lakh city dwellers are being supplied with 4.9 crore litres of water against the daily

Graft spikes water crisis

Slum people pay 10 times more to Wasa cheats Five million poorest slum dwellers in the capital pay 1o times more than the official price of Dhaka Wasa water, said its former managing at a discussion yesterday. Bangladesh Water Integrity Network organised the discussion on transparency and integrity in water supply in Dhaka city at ... Read more

Water crisis in Ctg to deepen

Wasa struggles to meet growing demand in summer Chittagong city will face a deeper water crisis from April when demand for water is projected to peak to a level three times the water supplying authorities are able to supply. The crisis is already unbearable with Chittagong Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (Wasa) supplying just around ... Read more

Water crisis turns worse

Dhaka Wasa says sudden rise in demand in Ramadan leads to shortage Acute water shortage has gripped many parts of the capital despite promises of smooth water supply from the authority during Ramadan. Residents from several areas have complained that there has been barely any water in their taps for the last few days

Water crisis hits city dwellers early

Summer is yet to set in, but the city dwellers have started going through severe water crisis following power crisis and rapid depletion of groundwater. City dwellers allege scarcity of water has hit them early this year. Apart from the scarcity, the Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (Wasa) is supplying