Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Fall in groundwater level causes water crisis in Khulna

Fall in the groundwater level as well as frequent power outages have triggered an acute water crisis in the Khulna city, causing sufferings to the city dwellers. According to managing director of Khulna WASA Md Abdullah, about 15 lakh city dwellers are being supplied with 4.9 crore litres of water against the daily

Drastic fall in city ground water level

Land grabbers blamed for filling up wetlands Groundwater level around the capital has fallen drastically because of indiscriminate filling of the wetlands, said Water Resources Minister Ramesh Chandra Sen. “The land grabbers are responsible for sharp fall in the groundwater level around the capital due to filling up of the canals and rivers, resulting in ... Read more

100m people face health hazards

Arsenic in Bangladesh, West Bengal 100m people face health hazards Some 100 million people in Bangladesh and West Bengal of India are exposed to risk from groundwater arsenic contamination, according to experts from home and abroad. Arsenic-contaminated water and food can cause various diseases including cancer, which may be a major problem in Bangladesh and ... Read more