Friday, December 8, 2023

Enforce house rent act

Tenants’ association asks govt Jatiya Bharatia Parishad, an association of tenants, yesterday demanded the enforcement of House Rent Control Act, 1991, to prevent the house owners from increasing the rent arbitrarily. The council also urged to bring an end to the practice of evicting tenants without prior notice. “Each year house owners

House rent increase outstrips inflation

Tenants living in Dhaka continued in 2011 to face above inflation increases in house rents, with slum dwellers paying higher than the rich, according to a report published by the Consumers Association of Bangladesh In 2011, average rents increased by 16 per cent, according to the report, whilst in the same period, inflation rose by ... Read more

Protest at house rent hike

Hundreds of garment workers formed a human chain in the city on Sunday, urging the government to take necessary measures to check house rent hike in Dhaka and its surroundings to ease the sufferings of low income people. Jesmin Akhter, a garment worker residing in Murgitola, said she has to pay Tk 3,000 as rent