Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Lubna Marium felicitated

The trustees of Shadhona organised an event to felicitate its artistic director Lubna Marium for being awarded the First Biswaratna Bhupen Hazarika International Solidarity Award by the Assam Sahitya Sabha. Marium received the award on March 28 this year in Guwahati, Assam, from Tarun Gogoi, the Chief Minister of Assam. At Shadhona’s event, the citation

This Eid that was

The pattern of Eid celebrations has been changing with time. To get a glimpse of the Eid festivity more than half a century ago, New Age talked with four cultural personalities. They had almost the same observation that they do not find that enthusiasm and emotion for celebrating the day together with all relatives and ... Read more

Of Art, Aesthetics and Shadhona

In conversation with Lubna Marium Lubna Marium — aesthete, danseuse, dance pioneer, teacher, choreographer and impresario is a pioneering figure in the contemporary South Asian cultural scenario. Daughter of illustrious parents Colonel Quazi Nooruzzaman and Professor Sultana Zaman, Lubna Marium has dedicated a lifetime to the promotion of culture, particularly dance and other performing arts. ... Read more