Friday, December 8, 2023

Aly Zaker compares present with past

Eid TV Plays Aly Zaker compares present with past Seasoned television actor Aly Zaker, on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Azha, has acted in a drama where he has played a role of a father who faces some archetypical psychological problem in his old age and finds that he has gradually turned unimportant in his son’s life. ... Read more

This Eid that was

The pattern of Eid celebrations has been changing with time. To get a glimpse of the Eid festivity more than half a century ago, New Age talked with four cultural personalities. They had almost the same observation that they do not find that enthusiasm and emotion for celebrating the day together with all relatives and ... Read more

Aly Zaker—image of a theatre icon

Aly Zaker, a well-known theatre personality of the country, has presented himself as a versatile character in our cultural arena. He played an active role in the country’s Liberation War in 1971. He is also a trustee of the Liberation War Museum, a writer and the owner of Asiatic Marketing Communications Limited. Besides working as ... Read more

Baishakhi celebrations have given us an individual identity: Aly Zaker

Weach Bangla New Year we start a new journey. Leaving all the sorrows, sad and bad times behind us we move forward. We welcome Pahela Baishakh by celebrating the occasion. We re-discover ourselves with the Baishakhi celebrations. It reminds us of our cultural identity and heritage as we celebrate Pahela Baishakh with new hopes in ... Read more