Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Aupee and Nobel in Mahfuz Ahmed’s Tumi Amake Boloni

Popular television actor Mahfuz Ahmed ventured into direction in 2006. His directorial debut “Good Bye Senerena” cast Nobel and Aupee Karim in the lead roles. Nearly a decade later, Mahfuz is reuniting with Nobel and Aupee for single episode television play, “Tumi Amake Boloni”. Written by Maruf Rehman and directed by Mahfuz, shooting for the ... Read more

Birthday celebrations for Mimi and Nobel

Two popular media personalities of our country share a common birth date, on December 20. One of them is actor-director Afsana Mimi and the other is the model-actor Nobel. Mimi started her career with theatre. She joined the theatre troupe Nagorik Natya Sampraday and later moved on to the mini screen. Mimi became a favourite ... Read more