Thursday, February 22, 2024

Riaz-Badhon in “Fushmontor”

Film star Riaz will be seen alongside television actress Badhon in Eid special tele-film “FushMontor”. Written and directed by Masud Sezan, the tele-film encircles Sujon, an ordinary youth who borrows money from everyone but doesn’t pay back. One day Sujon realises that there are many hypocrites who are earning money without much qualification or effort. ... Read more

Tahsan-Tisha in Story of Thousand Days

Popular singer-actor Tahsan will be seen alongside television star Tisha in special tele-film “Story of Thousand Days”. Written and directed by Mabrur Rashid Banna, the tele-film casts Tisha and Tahsan as best friends who are secretly in love with one another. Despite being very close, they never acknowledge their mutual affections. Meanwhile they decide to ... Read more

Kobori making serial with Riaz and Ahona

Film star Riaz and television actress Ahona have paired up for drama serial “Abar Ashibo Phirey” under the direction of noted actress Sarah Begum Kobori. Aside from acting and directing the serial, Kobori is playing a key role in the serial which also casts Nayokraj Razzak. The plot encircles businessman Kamran and Toufique who share ... Read more

Iresh-Siddique- Babor in “Proshno”

Iresh Zaker, Siddique and Babor have paired up for Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi’s Eid telefilm “Proshno”. Written and directed by Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi, the story surrounds Iresh Zaker and two robber kingpins. As Iresh arrives in Dhaka from abroad, Babor abducts him and robs him of all his belongings. About working in the telefilm Iresh said, ... Read more

Humayun’s swan song

Eid special telefilm on Channel i Channel i will air a telefilm, titled “Jodi Bhalo Na Lagey Toh Dio Na Mon” on Eid day at 12:05pm. The play is the last script by noted litterateur Humayun Ahmed. Raikhan Khan has directed the telefilm. The star cast includes Swiss model-actress Janine Dominique Allery, leading Bangladeshi film ... Read more