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Pahela Baishakh Celebration in Dhaka

Ushering in 1418 Pahela Baishakh Celebration in Dhaka The nation welcomed ‘Pahela Baishakh’, the first day of the Bangla year 1418, on Thrusday amidst vibrant pageantry, leaving behind the gloom of the past and pledging to uphold the nation’s opulent cultural heritage. Tens of thousands of people from all walks of life, in traditional clothes, ... Read more

Pahela Baishakh celebrated

The nation celebrated the Pahela Baishakh, the first day of the Bangla calendar, on Thursday amid traditional fanfare and festivity leaving behind the gloom of past and pledging to uphold the nation’s heritage. Tens of thousands of people from all walks of life dressed in traditional clothes poured into the streets, parks and open spaces ... Read more

Pahela Baishakh: Symbol of the timeless

It is that time of year when the Bangalees celebrate their heritage and, through that celebration, assesses their place in the universal scheme of things. For the Bangalees, like millions of others across the globe, have a claim on history based on the cultural tradition their ancestors shaped for them, one that they renew annually ... Read more

Defining Images of Pahela Baishakh

The coming of Kalbaishakhi (Nor’wester) is welcomed by the biggest secular festival of Bangladesh, Pahela Baishakh. Named after the star ‘Bishakha’, in line with the names of other Bengali months also named after constellations, romanticised notions of Baishakh were embedded in the hearts of millions, primarily due to Rabindranath Tagore’s love for the month. Pahela ... Read more

Chaitra Sankranti, Pahela Baishakh in rural Bangladesh

Most communities in rural Bangladesh celebrate Chaitra Sankranti and Pahela Baishakh following the age-old traditions. The celebrations bring together people, irrespective of their creed and social differences. Usually rural people arrange weeklong programmes to celebrate the end of a year and the beginning of another. The preparations start a month before Chaitra Sankranti and

Baishakhi celebrations have given us an individual identity: Aly Zaker

Weach Bangla New Year we start a new journey. Leaving all the sorrows, sad and bad times behind us we move forward. We welcome Pahela Baishakh by celebrating the occasion. We re-discover ourselves with the Baishakhi celebrations. It reminds us of our cultural identity and heritage as we celebrate Pahela Baishakh with new hopes in ... Read more

Pahela Baishakh today

Dhaka: The nation is all set to welcome Bangla year 1418, with festivities and gaiety, with the rising of the sun on Thursday, leaving behind all sorrow and despair. Thousands of men, women and children, in traditional colourful clothes, will throng Ramna Batamul and other prominent venues for new year celebrations in the capital and ... Read more

Bengali Heritage & Pahela Baishakh

Md. Anwarul Kabir Following the Bengali calendar when the Pahela Baisakh comes and we step into a New Year, we try to search our souls with a view to rediscovering our cultural heritage originating from this deltaic land mingled with the Bengali ethnicity. On this day, most Bengalis, especially those from the middle class, are ... Read more

Special play by Humayun Ahmed

Baishakhi Bounty Special play by Humayun Ahmed “Shopno Ebong Shopno Bhongo”, a single-episode play written by Humayun Ahmed and directed by his wife Meher Afroze Shaon will be aired on Pahela Baishakh on Channel i at 7:50pm. The story follows a writer, played by Gazi Rakayet. Other cast members include Rahmat Ali, Agun, Shamima Naznin ... Read more

Guerrilla to Hit the Big Screen on Pahela Baishakh

Soundtrack of the film launched “Guerrilla”, a film on the Liberation War, will be released on Pahela Baishakh (April 14, 2011). As part of the first phase of the film’s campaign, director of the film and freedom fighter Nasiruddin Yusuf, along with the cast and crew of the film and a number of noted cultural ... Read more

Parthibo’s new album Utshargo Nijegey in April

It has been a while since the band Parthibo released its debut album Baunduley in 2005. After its release the fans never had the second album from the band. The band maintained its presence in the band music scene with occasional releases in mixed albums such as Swapnochura, Radio Maina 2 and so on. On ... Read more