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NSU welcomes Bangla Year amidst fun, festivity

Shedding the preceding year’s glooms to oblivion, North South University welcomed Pahela Baishakh, country’s most colorful festival and the first day of the Bangla year 1420, on Sunday with its customary fanfare and festivity. The program started with a colorful rally named ‘Mongol Shovajatra’ organised by NSU Sangskritik Sangathan and led by Prof. Dr. Md. ... Read more

Pahela Baishakh celebrated in district towns

Pahela Baishakh was celebrated in different district towns including Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna, Bogra, Mymensingh and Jessore through colourful programmes. The main attraction of the celebrations was Baishakhi fairs displaying various agricultural products, handicrafts, toys, cosmetics, and regional cuisines. Rural artistes presented jatra, pala gaan, kabigaan,

Nation greets Bangla 1420 in style and colour

The nation on Sunday celebrated “Pahela Baishakh,” the first day of the Bengali New Year 1420 with fanfare and festivity in style and a traditional colorful way. The grand celebration kicked off as the first sunrise of 1420 became visible on the eastern horizon, welcoming the New Year with especially chosen seasonal song – “Eso ... Read more

No tangible move for UNESCO recognition

On Pahela Baishakh, communities from diverse ethnic backgrounds and religions welcome the Bangla Solar New Year through festivity, rituals and cultural programmes. Different age groups wearing colourful clothes cerebrate the day with traditional rural Bangla meals: hilsa fish and ‘panta’. Pahela Baishakh promotes the values of peace, solidarity

Audience demands out of the box

From the schedule of programmes received, it seems that the local television channels plan to broadcast run-of-the-mills programmes to celebrate Pahela Baishakh like they have over the past few years. Typical Pahela Baishakh special plays, telefilms, phono-live concerts and live telecast of the day’s cultural programmes happening inside and outside of the capital will occupy

Thousand singers to perform in Surer Dhara’s programme

Surer Dhara singers are in the final stage of their preparation for performance to celebrate the last day of the Bangla calendar known as Chaitra Sankranti and the Pahela Baishakh, the first day of another Bangla year, through a series of programmes. Each day, the singers and dancers are holding rehearsals at the Lalmatia Girls’ ... Read more

Ushering In 1419

Celebrating the biggest Bengali secular festival The nation celebrated ‘Pahela Baishakh’, the first day of the Bangla year 1419, last Saturday amidst vibrant pageantry, leaving behind the gloom of the past and pledging to uphold the nation’s opulent cultural heritage. Hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life, in traditional clothes, poured into ... Read more

Pahela Baishakh celebrated

People celebrated Pahela Baishakh, the Bangla New Year, ushering in 1419 with much fanfare amid hopes and expectations on Saturday. Celebrations took place in metropolitan cities and district towns with people, in colourful dresses, visiting fairs, attending folk performances and wishing each

People ring in Bengali New Year

Pahela Baishakh celebrations take place today across Bangladesh, West Bengal and other areas that are home to Bengali-speaking people to usher in the Bangla year 1419. Such celebrations are taking place in other metropolitan cities and district towns with people, in colourful dresses, visiting fairs, attending folk performances and wishing each other