Thursday, April 25, 2024

Overdue export earnings rise in political unrest

The country’s overdue export earnings increased significantly in the last few months due mainly to the recent spates of political violence in the country, said officials of Bangladesh Bank. The exporters failed in shipping their products according to the delivery date in the last few months because of frequent shutdowns called by the opposition

Posh hotels bear the brunt of political unrest

Guest occupancy drops sharply Hundred of foreigners mainly businessmen have vacated Dhaka with the beginning of yet another round of general strikes called by the mainstream opposition parties. City’s posh hotel operators told New Age that occupancy rate by the foreign guests and other events had reduced to half since last month.

Dev partners meet unlikely for political unrest

The crucial meeting of the Bangladesh Development Forum (BDF), a platform of the development partners of Bangladesh, is unlikely to be held at the end of April as scheduled because of the ongoing political unrest, sources at the Economic Relations Division (ERD) told The Independent. Expressing dismay over the uncertainty about holding the BDF meeting,

BNP warns govt against political confrontation

Senior BNP leader Khandakar Mosharraf Hossain on Monday warned the government against indulging in “politics of confrontation”. “The ruling Awami League wants to cling to power forcibly. In a bid to make its mission a success, it is trying to fish in troubled waters. It will be solely responsible if the politics of confrontation takes place ... Read more

Prolonged unrest is weighing on ecomonic growth: Moody’s

The ongoing political unrest and violent general strikes are weighing on Bangladesh’s economic growth by heightening the vulnerability and threatening to derail reform progress, said Moody’s in its latest credit outlook. The US-based credit rating agency in the report released on Thursday said the GDP growth of the country would fall to 5.9 per cent ... Read more

Retail businesses passing through tough time

Retailers are passing through tough time as sales at their shops have almost halved due to the current political unrest and frequent general strikes, shop owners said. They said most of the small businessmen were forced to meet their operational cost with capital fund in recent weeks as they had failed to make any profits ... Read more