Sunday, December 10, 2023

The three tigers were poisoned: forest dept 

Three adult Royal Bengal Tigers were poisoned to death by poachers at the Sundarbans in last three months, claimed an investigation report of the forest department in the wake of the recovery of three tiger hides on Sunday. The incidents further cast a blow to the recently held census in which the number of tigers living ... Read more

20 fishermen rescued following gunfight

A total of twenty abducted hilsa fishermen were freed on Thursday, six days after being abducted by pirates on August 11, following a combined operation by joint forces that resulted in a gunfight between law enforcers and suspected pirates at Narkelbaria area under Sundarban east zone. Law enforcers, however, were unable to arrest any of the ... Read more

Onslaught on mud crabs threatens Sundarbans ecosystem

Though the mud crab is considered as one of the nature’s “ecosystem engineers” for its ability to facilitate habitats and nutrients to other species, a significant proportion of its population is being wiped out every year due to its indiscriminate collection along the coastal belt, particularly in the Sundarbans. The export of this crab has ... Read more

Save Sonadia, save Sundarbans

Sourav Mahmud Sonadia Island is one of the biodiversity hotspot of Bangladesh. In 1995, the Government of Bangladesh included a provision for the declaration of Ecologically Critical Area (ECA) in the Bangladesh Environment Conservation Act. Twelve sites are classified as ECAs and guidelines exist to control further damage to these areas. Sonadia is considered ecologically ... Read more

Ramsar Convention: Our obligation

Dr. M.A. Bashar It is learnt from newspapers very recently that in the Sundarbans area three large constructions will take place which are very dangerous and detrimental to normal functioning of the mangrove forest ecosystem. It means that the interactions between biotic and abiotic factors will be seriously hampered in the ecosystems conservation. The projects ... Read more

The land of beauty

by Mahfuzul Haque Bangladesh, a South-Asian country wrapped up with great streaming rivers, is indeed a land of green and natural beauty. The land possesses the longest sea beach and is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger. Sundarbans is also the biggest mangrove forest in the world. The country, once part of undivided Bengal, is ... Read more

Sundarbans voted out of 7 wonders race

The four-year-long waiting of the people in Bangladesh and India to see the Sundarbans, the world’s largest single-patch mangrove forest, among the new seven wonders of nature ended in frustration early today. According to the results announced, the new seven wonders in alphabetic order are Amazon, Halong Bay, Iguazu Falls, Jeju Island, Komodo, Puerto Princesa ... Read more

Biodiversity issue glossed over

Dhaka, Delhi signed 2 deals on Sundarbans, tiger; refrained from addressing rising salinity in Bangladesh rivers None of the two agreements signed between Bangladesh and India on conservation of the Sundarbans and Royal Bengal Tigers addresses the issue of increasing salinity that continues to affect the biodiversity of the mangrove forest on Bangladesh side. Salinity ... Read more

Hard rot disease affects Pasur trees in Sundarban

Hard rot disease, a fungal infection of plants characterised by lesions with hard surfaces and rotten tissue, is affecting an increasing number of pasur (Xyicarpus mekongensis pirre) trees in different parts of Sundarban, the largest mangrove forest in the world, researchers and experts said. Forest department officials, however, described it as just a natural process ... Read more