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Bangladesh officials in confusion about way of implementation

Speed Limiters in Vehicles Bangladesh officials in confusion about way of implementation The impromptu decision to install speed limiters in all vehicles that go on highways has put government officials and experts in a dilemma as they do not have any idea how to implement it. They said the move was taken when the technical ... Read more

Fitness certificate scheme up against a wall

Only 41 BRTA inspectors to examine more than 15 lakh vehicles Worn out public vehicles are plying on city streets with gusto, owing to a palpable lack of parity between the number of such vehicles and that of transport inspectors. Also, an attempt to outsource vehicle fitness certificates through motor workshops has hit bureaucratic hurdles, ... Read more

Automation of BRTA to begin next year

The automation of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) under a US$2.7 million project is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2013. Korea International Cooperation Agency (Koica) will fund the “Digital BRTA” project, says a press release. An Implementation Survey Team from Korea visited Bangladesh from July 29 to

Fake driving licences to be legalised

The government may issue driving licences to individuals now in possession of fake ones after relaxing the related rules, Communications Minister Obaidul Quader said yesterday. He was speaking to leading transport owners and workers at a views-exchange meeting on “Problems and prospects in the transport sector” at the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority office in

Over 30,000 licences issued without proper tests: BRTA

The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority has issued 30,000 driving licences mostly to drivers of buses and trucks on ‘easy terms’ without holding proper tests since 2006. The authorities in the period issued about three lakh driving licences, according to an affidavit submitted by the agency’s chairman Md Ayubur Rahman Khan to the High Court on

‘Total collapse’ if illegal driving licences cancelled: BRTA

The chairman of the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority has warned the High Court that the road transport system would become ‘paralysed’, causing a ‘total collapse’ of the food and essentials supply chain, if it decided to cancel the tens of thousands of driving licences that the authority admits it has given ‘on easy terms’ in ... Read more

Hi-tech driving licence on cards

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority is set to start producing hi-tech driving licences to prevent the use of fake licences by drivers, a problem that is attributed to accidents on roads. A total of 11.50 lakh licences will be issued in five years at the cost of Tk 37 crore from the public exchequer. The licences ... Read more

Road safety directives fall on deaf ears

The government’s directives to ensure road safety seem to have fallen on deaf ears with traffic on highways becoming more chaotic and travel riskier across the country. No initiatives have apparently been taken so far to carry out the order of the prime minister and the decisions of the cabinet committee on law and order ... Read more

Driving schools charge for BRTA licences

About 500 city driving schools without approval Various driving schools in the city are charging money from the trainees for obtaining driving licences from the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority. But the BRTA’s officials claimed that they were unaware of the situation. According to them the fee for the non-professional licence’s fee, valid for ten years, ... Read more

Non-compliant drivers punished

Metered Fare of CNG Auto Non-compliant drivers punished Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) yesterday filed 132 cases against CNG-run autorickshaws and their drivers, and realised Tk 92,690 in fine from them for not installing or going by new fare meters. BRTA, in association with Dhaka district administration, conducted five mobile courts at Tejgaon, Paltan, Shahbagh, ... Read more